The Case Against Empathy by Elizabeth Volz

This is a very unusual article in the Daily Wire (more philosophical, less click-baity), but it’s great all the same. The writer has a powerful (I hate using that word, but it works) story about growing up in a family of 9 with mentally ill parents who were constantly poor. As one could imagine, she received more than her fair share of “empathy” but, surprisingly, she finds this does more harm for those who give it and those who receive it.

In Defense of Capitalism by Matthew Summers

There are many conservative critiques of socialism, but there are actually very few forthright defenses of capitalism. This was a great article clearly defining the principles of free market capitalism and explaining its virtues. The writer develops his essay as a counterargument to a more traditional-minded critic who sees capitalism as a negation of the Gospel.

There’s a Modern Affliction Ruining Our Friendship—And We’re All Guilty Of It by Kate Hakala

This article addresses the huge problem of flakiness—those lovely people who don’t follow up on plans, who take pleasure in rejecting company, who make little to no effort to make contact with others. The writer keeps a light breezy tone and cracks a few jokes, but this problem is more widespread than people recognize.