Serfdom refers to the status of peasants in a feudalist society. Although the reciprocal relationship between serfs and feudal lords was highly one-sided, its harshness was somewhat mitigated due to the moral influence of the Church. By the 21st century, the Christian ethos in society had largely diminished. Now the serf-master picture has a bleaker aspect.

In modern Anglo-Saxon political culture, we see many who are eager to control their fellow citizens. Paradoxically both groups have much in common. American serfs and masters subscribe to the same socialist narrative. They both view self-reliant American individualism as antithetical to their coercive utopian collectivist world view. Yet there is no utopia in mortal life, only dystopia.

Sudden, rapid change in political culture

During 2021 we saw a phase change in American political culture, just as water turns to ice at 0 °C. In 2020-21 the egregious criminalization of politics by DoJ/FBI—metastasizing within the body politic since Obama's 2nd term—became increasingly threatening to the liberties of the people. Likewise, American journalism abandoned its role as reporter of facts to boast of the higher journalistic duty to take sides against President Trump. Since 01/2021 the Biden propaganda ministry (aka MSM) has become totally untrustworthy on any topic more political than the culinary arts.

Referring to the October Revolution, Lenin said “there are decades where nothing happens; and then there are weeks when decades happen”, e.g., societal change (especially collapse) often occurs rapidly after a period of long stability like the 1950s. January, 2021 represents such a rare political phase change.

In 2021 it became routine for DoJ/FBI to threaten or to smear through leaks or to imprison without trial Republicans, Constitutional conservatives, and prominent political opponents. And with the highly publicized 1/19/22 FBI raid on Rep. Henry Cuellar's Texas home and office, DoJ put Democrats on notice that they too may be subject to political destruction before or without indictment or trial. Was it coincidence that in 2020 Rep. Cuellar repeatedly slammed the Biden Administration for refusing to enforce immigration laws?

DoJ's media mouthpieces mumbled about Cuellar's Azerbaijan connections to justify the FBI raid on a sitting Congressman's home. The raid brought to mind Lavrenti Beria, the most ruthless of Stalin’s secret police chiefs. Beria bragged: “Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” He presumed the man guilty and decided on the charges afterwards.

Beria’s understanding of justice was rather different from that of the U.S. Constitution: presumption of innocence that emanates from the 5th, 6th, and 14th Amendments, as set forth in Coffin vs. U.S. (1895). Big media and hard leftist (but I repeat myself) apologists for DoJ/FBI police state tactics argue that these raids and indictments are politics as usual. That is true in a banana republic but not in our Constitutional Republic—not in the last 233 years.

The best model is both predictive and retrodictive

Natural science has shown how to choose the most accurate model for the physical world, a method which applies equally well in political science and human culture. The perspective, narrative, or model that most accurately predicts future data points (or political developments) based on best fit of past data points (retrodictive) is the correct model or world view.

In this model, ‘why’ is the least useful question. On the purely rational level, natural science outstripped theology and philosophy starting in the mid-17th century because physics pushed ‘why’ to the periphery and focused on ‘what’ with only a sidelong glance at ‘how’. Philosophy turned its attention to ‘how’ (epistemology), leaving the question of ‘why’ to theology. This is not to devalue the latter, nor philosophy, which in their own realms still rein supreme.

In 01/2021 few political models foresaw an impending Constitutional calamity as did this article (written in 09/2020) by The Everyman editor Auguste Meyrat, which accurately predicted the shocking emergence of an authoritarian, quasi-police state regime in DC.

This counterintuitive political model must therefore be the correct one. Based on American history, few political observers could have conceived a political phase change in one year—contra 233 years of Constitutional history—from an individualistic, rights-based polity to a crony socialist authoritarian regime (SAR).

I quote from the referenced article with emphasis added: "In the short term, these tactics will help Democrats win the election this year. In the long term, they will be able to establish a true socialist dictatorship."

Authoritarian collectivism

Words are shorthand for (political) ideas and narratives. The phrase is not far fetched—“Socialist dictatorship”—but indeed a correct descriptor of an emerging, aspirational authoritarian regime. "Socialist" is also the right term for a collectivist polity.

In the 20th century socialism has encompassed a wide variety of systems but all with a common thread--authoritarian collectivism or coercive utopianism. The antithesis of individualism, collectivism is the socialist principle of centralization in the state of all directive social and economic power; and in which the individual lives for the state, not vice-versa.

Of all the variants of socialism, the current crony socialist authoritarian regime (SAR) most closely resembles Italian fascism (1922-1943). Mussolini was a dedicated socialist until age 35 (1918). His fascist ideology retained essential elements of socialism: collectivism, statism, authoritarianism. To Marxist socialism Mussolini added nationalism, crony corporatism, and regimentation of society and economy. The major difference between Italian fascism and American SAR is that the former was ultra-nationalist while ours is ultra-anti-nationalist.

Since the socialist end state is impracticable, socialists have always intended that an elite vanguard ("dictatorship of the proletariat") should arrogate to itself the power to rule over society for an indefinite period. With few Marxist theoreticians in his Administration, Biden nevertheless has the right idea: seize control over a leviathan Federal Government and dissolve all other centers of political power.

The reader should not infer my expected outcome, although history is a valuable guide. We remember the "successful" revolutionary coups of history: Jacobins in France (1792-1795) and Bolsheviks in Russia (1917-1923), but there are examples of failed socialist attempts to impose a dystopian tyranny.

Controlled by a dedicated leftist cabal, the Biden regime has found it politically expedient to retain the pretense of Constitutional republican government during a transitional period. For this incipient socialist dictatorship or socialist authoritarian regime (SAR), it is easy to distinguish among short-term, intermediate-term, and long-term goals. In the short term, the 2020 election must be validated at all costs; and the most effective voices of republican resistance and conservative opposition must be silenced or neutered.

The first Presidential coup d’état

For big media in league with SAR, political propaganda is as easy as squaring the circle. Still, SAR has had limited success in its short-term goal—to inculcate an election narrative as fraudulent as the vote itself: that the Presidential election of 11/2020 was fair and honest and that the 01/6/2021 protestors were racist insurrectionists and white supremacists.

Yet all the world do not agree. As of 11/18/2020, 47% said it was likely Democrats stole enough votes or destroyed enough pro-Trump ballots in several states to ensure a Biden victory. As of 10/11/2021 according to Rasmussen Reports, 56% of respondents were convinced "it's likely that cheating affected the outcome of the 2020 presidential election."

In her powerful exposé Rigged, Mollie Hemingway documents the massive fraud of the 2020 election and demonstrates how the leftist cabal prepared the coup. Upon its execution, they unleashed a propaganda campaign to show the election coup never happened. This will be denied by most Dems. Almost every voter, however, must know the truth, although only 56% admit it. Many legitimate votes were diluted or canceled out by the huge number of fraudulent votes for Biden. In consequence, most Democrats cling desperately to the fake narrative that the 01/6/2021 protest rally was an insurrection against American democracy.

Coup d’états differ from revolutions in that the former are generally orchestrated by government officials (Deep State) to quickly consolidate unlawful power, often by prosecution of the opposition; by using the state’s police powers; or by (threats of) street violence.

On 02/4/2021, Time magazine published a bombshell report by insider Molly Ball on how groups with ties to the Democrat party worked to ensure the “proper outcome” of the election. Ball’s fervent paean to the Democrat coup credits the violent BLM and Antifa protests: “The nation was braced for chaos. Liberal groups had vowed to take to the streets, planning hundreds of protests across the country.”

Revolutions last longer than coups d’états. The former generally are bloodier because they involve most of the country’s population. Think of the June, 1793 coup by the left Jacobins led by Maximilien Robespierre. They used street violence by the sans-culottes (radicalized Paris mob) against political rivals.

It was only after the Jacobin coup that the Reign of Terror began. First the coup; then the show trials; and finally the physical elimination of the opposition if necessary. En route to seizure of power in Germany (1/1933), the Nazis adroitly used SA. Brownshirts to intimidate political opponents on the streets of Berlin.

We all know leftists who accept the 01/6/2021 insurrectionist narrative as a matter of faith, more real to them than their daily lives. Because they have traded the value of their votes—precious political patrimony bequeathed by the Founders—for a mess of porridge (political control), they are serfs to SAR. These “progressive” serfs yearn to be controlled and directed in their political and personal lives.

Short-term and long-term goals of SAR

SAR’s short-term and long-term goals are obvious: in the short term, use the J-6 narrative to muzzle the opposition; in the long term, permanent political power. Intermediate-term goals are more problematic because of rapidly shifting ideological power blocks (like icebergs under the surface) within SAR. The key to permanent political dominance is the euphemistically titled "For the People Act of 2021" or "voting rights bill". I will use the more apt title “Federal election takeover bill” (FETB).

FETB expands voter registration (automatic and same-day registration) and voting access (vote-by-mail and early voting) and also limits removal of ineligible voters from voter rolls. Making it more difficult to vote illegally does not suppress the right to vote but in fact does the opposite: guarantees legitimate votes are not canceled out by fraudulent votes.

FETB facilitates or implements massive mail-in schemes; elimination of voter ID; federal control of even local elections; extended periods of time for voting; and ballot-harvesting.  FETB is SAR’s top priority because it enables the corrupt manipulation of America’s electoral system.

In the fraudulent election of 11/2020, Dems used mail-in schemes, elimination of voter ID, extended voting periods, industrial scale ballot harvesting, and phantom voters to produce the majorities needed to win vital swing states. Transparency is a good talking point but an undesirable feature if you are going to rig an election. The process is too messy and obvious, as shown by the polls referenced above.

FETB permanently solves the pesky problem of an unreliable electorate that may not know how to vote in its own interest. FETB transfers control of voting from the states to DC, contra the Constitution. Whoever controls the Federal government will control Presidential elections. Uncle Joe Stalin once quipped, "It is not the voters who count but rather the people who count the votes." Channeling Uncle Joe on voting protocols, President Biden remarked “Who counts the vote? That’s what this is about, that’s what makes this so different than anything else we’ve ever done.” Say it ain't so, Joe!

This is precisely how an authoritarian regime avoids fair, competitive elections--taking control of the electoral process, thereby ensuring  permanent political control. Echoing President Biden, Hakeem Jeffries (House Democratic Caucus Chairman) said that in pushing for FETB, Dems are inspired by Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan dictator who hated the U.S. and destroyed his country’s democratic constitution by rigging elections to become President for life (1999-2013).

Rerating  of American political culture

The stock market rates or evaluates present and estimated corporate earnings by applying a price-to-earnings multiple. Occasionally the market undergoes a phase change in which it rerates (up or down) the multiple to be applied. If the U.S. got into a shooting war with China, then the stock market would significantly rerate the price of stocks downward; prices could decline by 40% in a relatively short time to discount the new perspective.

From 1965 onwards, an increasing portion of American college graduates has been indoctrinated in a postmodern Marxist world view. That cohort of college graduates now inhabits, and often controls, Big Tech, higher education, entertainment, and the corporate world. This is a phase change in American (political) culture over only one generation.

Now we see Democrats seeking to remove 120 Republicans from the ballots in the name of democracy. Militant radicals may still be a minority in the Democrat party, but they compensate with their zeal and fanaticism. The history of the French Revolution (1792-1795) and Bolshevik Revolution (1917-1923) demonstrates the powerful centrifugal tendency towards extremism in a newly revolutionary party, polls and elections be damned. Do not expect SAR to go quietly into that good night when polls and elections turn against them.

After the Bolsheviks seized power in the big Russian cities (10/1917), a confident Lenin permitted an honest election to the Constituent Assembly on 11/12/1917. The Bolsheviks won 175 seats, well behind the Socialist Revolutionary Party (370 seats). The Bolsheviks immediately dissolved the Constituent Assembly. That was the last honest election held under Bolshevik rule in the USSR. I do not expect the use of the guillotine by SAR, but if and when it consolidates power via FETB, a long dark night of tyranny will descend over our fair land.

Polls show a huge drop in support for the crony SAR in DC. Before the 11/2022 election, SAR will do everything within or outside the law to achieve FETB with or without Sinema and Manchin. If FETB is blocked, massive voter fraud in 11/2022 is a given. What percent of the left will then opt for permanent power over an honest electoral system? That is the key question.

With laser-like focus, patriots must focus on election integrity. You may say the Constitution does not provide a remedy for a stolen presidential election. I reply that neither did it give President Jefferson authority for the Louisiana Purchase; nor did the Constitution contemplate Justice Marshall’s 1803 judicial review doctrine.

GOP legislatures in Georgia, Arizona, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania should provide an honest audit of their 2020 Presidential elections. To go forward, we must first look backward.

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