Former President Trump was found guilty on Thursday in a trial in New York City, where partisan prosecutors worked to prove that ahead of the 2016 election, he falsified business records to conceal a $130,000 payment to a woman named Stormy Daniels, in order to quiet her claims of an alleged affair that occurred in 2006. Sentencing is scheduled for July 11, which is just days before the Republican National Convention will be held in Milwaukee.

Robert De Niro, Spokesperson for the Biden/Harris Campaign

Earlier on Tuesday, May 28, Robert De Niro, a well-known actor (at least to people my age), was in the City to attend a press conference which took place just outside the courtroom where Trump was facing trial. He was there not to speak in his capacity as an actor, as a New Yorker, or as an American (or even as a “world citizen”), but rather in his capacity as a spokesperson for the Biden-Harris campaign. He was joined by the Biden campaign’s communications director, as well as a Metropolitan Police Department officer, and a former Capital Police Officer who was on duty at the Capital building on January 6, 2021.

In his comments, Mr. De Niro declared former President Trump a “danger” to Americans, specifically a danger to our lives. He explained further that “Trump poses a unique and growing threat to our fundamental rights and our freedoms.” He defined the threat as being “crystal clear,” went on to label Trump a sinner, and warned that Donald Trump has committed violent acts and intends to use violence going forward.

Mr. De Niro vociferously argued that former President Trump does not “belong” in New York City, claiming that Trump “wants to destroy the city and the nation,” and that eventually he could “destroy the world.”

While I was not a member of the jury, whom some believe were the true intended audience for the press conference (given that the judge in this case did not order the jury to be sequestered), I am nevertheless interested in better understanding Mr. De Niro's concerns, and have drafted a letter with that end in mind.

My Letter to Mr. De Niro

Dear Mr. De Niro,

These are all interesting points. In light if your statements made publicly on behalf of the Biden-Harris campaign, I have a few questions (and several observations).

Since you were speaking in your capacity as a representative of President Biden/Vice-President Harris (which I assume is a role that you are uniquely qualified for), what exactly is the connection between Trump’s legal proceedings and the Biden-Harris campaign? If the legal proceedings involving former President Trump are not politically motivated, why did the Biden political campaign hold a press conference and rally directly outside of the courtroom, and on a date that was one day before the case was likely to go to the jury?

In your speech you warned that Trump poses a “danger to our lives.” In what way specifically are our lives in danger? Am I correct in assuming that you mean physical danger? What specific type of physical danger do you foresee? Since I am aware that in the past Trump has expressed Pro-life sentiments, doesn’t this instead indicate that he is for keeping the lives of future Americans out of danger?

You declared that Trump poses a unique threat to our fundamental rights and freedoms. How is the threat posed by Trump unique (i.e., how is it different from threats posed by any other individuals)? What specific fundamental rights held by us as Americans are threatened? Perhaps you were referring to the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? If yes, can you elaborate? In addition, can you also please clarify what specifically enumerated “freedoms” of ours you feel are threatened by Mr. Trump? Do you mean those found in the Bill of Rights? If so, which ones exactly? The freedom of religion? The freedom of speech? We still have many freedoms as Americans (at least for now), so please be specific.

As you indicate, the threats you mention are clear. It should therefore be relatively easy for you to elaborate on and to clarify the nature of the danger you believe Trump poses. Therefore, please describe these various threats.

Given that you described these threats as not just clear, but “crystal” clear, is there any particular reason why you intentionally chose to speak generically on Tuesday instead of specifically?

You reference the “violence” of Trump and that you are aware he will use violence in the future. What violent acts do you believe Donald Trump has committed, or possibly plans to commit? Regarding past violent acts, are you referring to the falsification of business records that he was charged with (i.e., the subject of the legal proceedings that took place directly across the street from you)? Do you then mean violence from a paperwork perspective?

I noticed your reference to a mob that left “death and destruction.” Is this a specific reference to the events of January 6, 2021? As you know, Trump was not at the Capital building on that day. Can you share with me how Trump’s direct actions were legally/officially/formally tied to the riot that occurred on that unfortunate date? As I recall one person was killed that day. Wasn’t that person an unarmed middle-aged female Trump supporter? If I am mistaken, please correct me.

You said that Trump wants to destroy the City (i.e., NYC) and the nation. Can you share how he intends to destroy it? Did you mean physically? If yes, by what means? If you instead meant financially, what are Trump’s plans for the financial destruction of this great U.S. city? If these previous questions do not apply and by chance you meant psychological or spiritual destruction, what are the details of his planned psychological operation? Please explain and expand so that New Yorkers and Americans can appreciate this particular threat.

I am most concerned by your claim that Trump could eventually destroy the world. Do you mean like in the case of a James Bond villain? If yes, which Bond movie villain do you have in mind? If the threat posed by Trump is not similar to a nefarious character like Dr. No for example (or any of the other evil villains from the series), but is more like a real-world villain, do you possibly mean the Nazis (the National Socialists of World War II Germany) or perhaps Hitler? If yes, in what ways is Trump like the National Socialists or Hitler? While I expect that you might enjoy answering this question, before you do, please click here for my attempt at a comparison.

What do you believe to be the specific details of Trump’s plan(s) that could lead to the ultimate destruction of planet earth? What evidence do you have to support this claim? Please share all that you have collected.

In your speech you pointed your finger at Donald Trump to label him a “sinner.” But aren’t we all sinners? Isn’t that like saying Donald Trump is both human and alive? Are you without sin?

Before I conclude, I must ask: didn’t Donald Trump previously serve as President for four years? Weren’t many of these same claims made prior to his election in 2016? Why haven’t these things that concern you already happened? Is Trump a different person now? Has the world changed? Please explain this mystery.

I look forward to your responses. I am in no hurry, so please feel free to take your time in providing answers to my questions (as per your busy schedule). Given the significance of this matter, a well thought out series of responses is preferable to a few quick answers.


A concerned American and concerned resident of this great planet.

Photo Credit- New York Daily News and Adobe Stock Photo.