The Two Paths to Golgotha

There were two events in the recent news cycle that make it clear that there is an open battle of narratives between Christians and the legacy media. So much so, that there are now two paths to two competing Golgothas.

Ninety Years of King Kong

"For all the original's surface-level simplicity and unpretentiousness, it is clearly the product of higher, more assured culture than our own; one that had a far greater sense of its own identity, values, and ideals, that was unafraid to take risks or to grapple with the thorny problems of life."

Fauda: The Best Show You Haven't Watched

If you've had your fill of the constant onslaught of woke entertainment on American television, then consider watching the Israeli show Fauda on Netflix. It shows in tense and griping storylines why the woke worldview is a luxury that much of the world does without.
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