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An Ironic and Unintended Bequest

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of the state of Israel. In one of those odd quirks of history, the nascent nation did so with the help of an air force made out of the leftovers of their former oppressors.

Contingency Plans for a Post-2024 America

The 2024 presidential election is already being portrayed as a life and death struggle for our nation. Some people are simply checking out and choosing their own Benedict Option. But could things get worse is the election goes the "wrong" way? Then what? What other option is there?

Remembering the Fallen

Despite all of the other distractions we have going on this weekend, let alone on this day, we should all take a moment today to stop what we are doing and think about, and pray for, those who gave their lives in defense of this country.
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