Fifteen years ago, I entered training for (what I believed would be) a lifelong career in education. I wanted to be a history teacher for 30 years, to live quietly and unobtrusively, and to retire in the state where I was born and raised, Washington State. I come from a family of educators. My grandparents were teachers. And my great-great-grandfather was the first Superintendent of Public Schools in Pierce County, Washington—where I was born.

However, in this era of half-truths, lies, and bogus narratives, this is no longer possible. I write this with a heavy heart because I know that the following words will be met with disbelief and shock. People will reject what I have to say, not because it is untrue, but because they are paid and expected to condemn my words, or to at least remain silent before the illegitimate cultural revolution sweeping the nation.

I can no longer work for an institution which demonizes huge swathes of United States population:  the historical populations which wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, settled vast expanses, fought the Civil War, engineered railroads, canals, dams and bridges, won two World Wars, and put a man on the moon. Namely: the males, Christians, Anglo-Saxons, English, Scots, Irish, Whites, and traditionally-married Americans who conquered, settled and built the United States of America.

These are my people. They are my ancestors. They have been here since at least the 1630’s when the first of them arrived in the Massachusetts Bay Colony. One was a victim of the Salem Witch Trials. They were here during the American Revolution. One fought Tecumseh at Tippecanoe. Another fought in the Mexican War. They walked across the Oregon Trail in 1848 along with the first 20,000 White Americans to come to the Pacific Northwest. They homesteaded, built schools, developed the land, and helped create what used to be the greatest country in the history of humankind.

I say used to because I no longer believe this is true about this country. The men and women who built this country would be ashamed of what it is today with its chief products being ballooning debt, no-fault divorce, widespread pornography addiction, legalized infanticide, failing imperial wars to spread our degeneracy abroad, and a sub-replacement fertility rate among Americans that our elites think they can make up for by importing new members into this Borg-like pseudo-empire.

What do my descendants gain by studying history in the public schools today? What will today’s textbooks teach them? I already know—if they learn about Massachusetts Bay, the Revolution, Tecumseh, the Mexican War and the Oregon Trail at all, it will be in order to convict them as permanent oppressors in a new intersectional caste. Their history will either be used to bludgeon them over the head with group guilt, or it will be erased from the collective memory entirely.

What will they learn about “civics” in the public schools beyond the fact that male, White, heterosexual, and Christian are now slurs in the lexicon-if they have any meaning at all? What about “current events” beyond the half-truths and lies about American economic inequality, family, sexuality, policing, criminal justice, and a host of other “issues?”

The terms of discussion are one-sided and manufactured, building the narratives that allow cities to be torched by rioters and looters in the name of “progress” and “equity.” The public schools and this new culture at large sell repackaged communistic slogans to a people who forgot why communism was an enemy.

Proponents of what is happening to my nation may say what they will about this new colonialism and imperialism on behalf of globalizers, but this is not in continuity with the historical American nation. I think of the vandalized statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Frederick Douglass, and Theodore Roosevelt. These ancestors of the historical American nation, were they alive, would be ashamed, and rightfully so, of this grotesque regime.

I cannot and will not accommodate myself to a culturally Marxist pyramid of oppression and victimhood that calculates my worth and right to speak based solely on account of my sex and skin color, rather than my citizenship, the only thing all Americans have in common with one another. I will not accommodate myself to state-sanctioned racism directed against people who were not alive when historical wrongs were committed on behalf of people who were not alive to be offended by them.

I’m leaving education. I don’t recognize the history being taught. I don’t recognize my home state. I barely recognize the country in which I live. I hope this cultural revolution recedes, but in the meantime I will spend the rest of my life fighting it so that my descendants don’t have to. May God defend the right.

And so, with a sad heart but intense hopes for the future, I am resigning my position as a history teacher effective as soon as my current contract year is up.

Charles J. Urlacher

Photo Credit: The Atlantic