If you were ever picked on in school, you may remember a moment when you had to decide what you were going to do about it. I remember picking on a kid once, teasing him about something inane, of course. I think I was in the second grade. A lefty, he turned around and socked me right in the nose. He had made his decision.

Some years later, a punk taunted me. I don’t know why I was the object of his scorn. I suppose I was insecure. He punched me after lunch one day, right in the chest. I chose not to fight back.

In each case, the conflict came down to a simple question: what are you gonna do about it? There is considerable risk in each course of action, so it’s ultimately a test of character. I don’t think there is always only one right answer. Sometimes, we suffer to demonstrate the brutality of our enemies, hoping that brings about a change of heart (Romans 12). Sometimes, we fight back, for that is how we demonstrate love for our neighbor.

A Verdict that Broke Our Nation's Contract

This basic question is ever-present today because the Cultural Revolution that has been simmering since the sixties has now gone kinetic. With the exaggerated conviction of Donald Trump in an obviously fraudulent trial, the game has changed. America depends on a common commitment to blind justice, self-sacrifice, objective truth, and personal virtue as a social contract. However, the left has ignored this social contract and is employing raw political power in a way rarely seen before in America; but seen hundreds of times elsewhere. Without “the rule of law” and a “jury of our peers” to protect us, what happens next as we enter the “what are you gonna do about it” phase of our cultural/political revolution?

Prior to November 2024, I can imagine some or all of the following happening:

1. Donald Trump will be removed from the ballot in some or possibly all states;

2. The November elections will be postponed or canceled;

3. Donald Trump will outright be "taken out" of the race;

4. The election results will be fraudulent;

5. Various wars and conflicts will turn more regional/global to facilitate the above, serve as a distraction, or bring about a convenient economic collapse;

6. A “natural” economic collapse will occur on its own as a result of years of bad decision-making; and/or

7. Talk of replacing the American flag will begin.

Some of you may be thinking these scenarios are too far-fetched, and that our system will ultimately be applied to rein in the revolution. You may still believe that all the craziness we've been watching unfold for some time now is confined to the universities and a few institutions whose films, ideas, and policies we can simply choose to ignore or opt out of. You may still believe that through a series of lawsuits, elections, or just plain commonsense observation, that they have “gone too far this time,” and this national coup can eventually be resolved.

Instead, let me offer reasons why each of the above predictions is not as far-fetched as you might think.

1. Two states—Colorado and Mainehave already attempted to remove Trump from the ballot. Yes, the Supreme Court did deny such attempts in Colorado with a 9-0 decision, but that was before he was labeled a “convicted felon.” If the swing state math is correct, only a handful of independently-run, Democrat counties in Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, and Pennsylvania will need to choose to leave Donald Trump off the ballot, and without time for recourse, in order to create a disastrous result. Consider that if the rule of law can be so flagrantly violated in a “legitimate” New York courtroom, do we really think there still remains sufficient respect for a conservative Supreme Court that has no enforcement mechanism?

2. Surely the postponement or cancelling of elections could never happen, right? Well, it just did in Ukraine, a nation that we just gave $60 billion to “protect their democracy.” If we can tolerate our “allies” doing it, why wouldn’t the same actors do so in our own nation under the same pretenses, false or real? Also, recall that we previously shut down our nation in the service of a largely harmless virus and ended up changing our election platforms because of it. Temporarily cancelling or indefinitely postponing our elections is hardly much worse.

3. If you still believe John F. Kennedy was assassinated by a lone gunman, then, sure, you might find an assassination attempt on Donald Trump (i.e., "taken out" of the race) unlikely. But as that kind of naïveté is itself a threat to America, my hope is that the most strenuous protections are in place and will remain working for Mr. Trump's benefit. America has overthrown countless regimes and countless world leaders have also been killed in the process. To think similar deep state actors won’t do the same to an American presidential candidate is blissful ignorance.

4. One consequence of Trump’s conviction is likely to be a rise in the belief that the 2020 election was, in fact, rigged. But one thing 2020 taught us is that once illegitimate votes are counted or mingled with legitimate votes, the bell cannot be un-rung. I honestly do not understand our voting systems (you apparently need a Ph.D. in Computer Science these days to do so) well enough to say for sure, but this documentary makes a compelling and reasonable case that our votes can be manipulated after the fact and without our knowledge. The current regime may very well give Biden a six-point swing electronically—without the need to “stuff” ballot boxes—and we will all know it to be the case, intuitively or factually. But in this instance they will simply say, “What are you gonna do about it?” And if we’re honest, there is absolutely nothing we can do about it.

5. Wars and conflicts used as distractions are about as obvious as the nose on your face. National turmoil leads to the necessity for constancy. We have our pick of military conflicts these days. There is Russia/Ukraine, Israel/Gaza, or potential homegrown terror as a result of thousands of Jihadis (and other enemies) having entered the United States over the past three years. Any escalation in terrorism or war, and a possible economic meltdown, could lead to the postponing of elections, martial law, or any number of unconstitutional actions by the revolutionaries.

6. Given the fiat nature of the American dollar and the ever-increasing national debt, there is no doubt that we are due for a “correction,” or specifically, a recession or depression. When it comes, it will arrive suddenly, and no one should be surprised.

7. Talk of replacing the American flag is really a symbol of the kind of revolution we are living through. I first heard this prediction being made by Matt Walsh, but it dovetails with my own observation that the Pride flag has been used by some as an equally-acceptable flag, one that they claim promotes some true and better good of equality, etc. And with the seeds already sown for decades that America is a racist, bigoted, colonialist power, we should anticipate the Overton Window on the issue of replacing the American flag opening and closing very soon.

Come Hell or Hope, Our Nation's Future is in the Balance

Or, it is possible that the reactions of many Americans will be such disgust that they eventually will wake up to the revolution that has been creeping along and building for decades? Trump’s recent incredible haul may suggest that America is becoming disgusted with these tactic and will not tolerate them. And if, with emphasis on if, there are legitimate elections in the Fall, we can hope for a course correction and a culling of the bad actors that freely operate within both federal and state governments.

But some combination of 1-7 above, or perhaps the more hopeful result, are our only two possibilities. Things will either get much darker, or there will be a legitimate turnaround. For, to use an overused cliche, a true Rubicon has been crossed, and the rule of law that our system demands has been openly violated.

The only question is this: what are you going to do about it?

A final thought. The most important question facing our nation today is this: how many of those who have taken an oath to defend our Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic will do so? How many will refuse to serve a non-Constitutional government? If there is no recourse in the courts, this conflict could eventually come down to the use of force by police and military operators. Whether they defend the Constitution, or simply obey orders, will be all that separates us from an actual America and an actual police state.

Photo Credit- CNN