A Movie Guide for the Holidays: Anything Miyazaki

As such, Miyazaki’s movies, even on repeated viewings, have a way of causing viewers to love their family more, better appreciate nature, and simplify their life. For that reason, you could say that they are among the best things to watch during Advent in order to prepare one’s heart for Christmas.

Gifts On Clearance

As Advent draws to a close and we are about to celebrate the birth of Christ, it would seem an opportune to reflect upon how the modern world has lost its love for celebrating birth and children as a whole.

The Passion of Ghislaine Maxwell

As the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell draws to a close, there is little doubt as to her fate: she will be made to pay for her crimes. But her condemnation should make all of us re-examine how we view her crimes on a personal and societal level
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