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We are always eager to feature the work of talented writers on The Everyman. If you’re interested in submitting an essay, please make sure your essay satisfies the following guidelines:

Relevance: Your essay should comment on relevant issues, things that people are talking about and thinking about. In general, essays that are time-sensitive and cover a hot topic will get priority over those that discuss perennial issues of general interest. That said, essays on general topics are still appreciated as long as some connection is made with the world today.

Readability: Remember your audience. This means keeping the length of your essay moderate: 500-1500 words. We also recommend adopting an accessible style for readability's sake: a casual tone, relatively light on quotes and charts, short paragraphs and sentences, concrete language, and having a sense of humor (if you struggle being funny then just try to keep from being too serious or pretentious).

Reasonability: There's nothing sexier than essays with clear, focused, logical, well-sourced claims. Arguments that run off into tangents, morph into narratives or personal confessions, or abuse logical fallacies might work for those who like reading liberal mainstream publications The Atlantic or The New York Times. The Everyman readers will enjoy a strong argument more than an amusing sketch or rant. Also, please use hyperlinks, not footnotes, for references.

Please send all submissions to [email protected].