For several years now, conservatives have lamented the wide-open Southern Border of these United States. Concerns about “fighting-age young males” that are pouring over the border by the millions who might have gang or terrorist connections have led to several strategies being proposed to seal the border, an action the Biden administration obviously doesn’t want to take. Some of us had hoped that shutting down the government was a strategy that would starve Biden of his billions in exchange for a sealed border. LOL. Alas, now we find that both sides like debt, open borders, and, apparently, abortion. What could go wrong!

A Plan within a Plan that Keeps on Giving

But, in truth, this is all a blessing in disguise. You see, if there is one thing Trump’s “states' rights” statement on abortion, and the fallout from the Arizona Supreme Court outlawing it altogether has made clear, it is that we need warm bodies. Americans are proving more than willing to kill their own children with no one to get in the way, especially historic "pro-life" politicians and "conservative" leaders. Sixty million-plus Americans are dead since the passing of Roe, with almost all of those abortions taking place before twenty weeks, a time period that some “consensus” time pro-lifers now define as a “reasonable” limit.

So, if we’re willing to kill our own children, then someone’s got to replace ‘em! I have an idea: let’s import new young people at the age when they still have strong backs and aren’t too much of a drain on the health or school systems. Say, ten million, between 18-30 ought to do the trick. I mean, if we are going to kill our own babies, then we need to take those kids from somewhere else, right? Perhaps Mexico? Sure. Ghana? Why not! Haiti? They could all use a hand up. How about Equatorial Guinea? Never heard of it, but apparantly it’s better to have their kids than our own inconvenient children.

Yes, that is the deal we have made. We will have “reproductive freedom” and the “medical right” to systematically execute our own children, and then just simply import new third-worlders to do the work that we don’t want to do ourselves. Think of where we would be, then, without open borders! We would have the freedom to murder our children, but without any failsafe backup plan. I guess that now makes us both murderers and human-traffickers?

But hey, it has just somehow become politically impossible today to defend unborn children. America won’t stand for it! Seventy-two percent want abortion to be legal! (I had no idea we had so many fans of Moloch in the U.S.!) So we won’t; defend the unborn, that is.

Instead, we will pretend that child-killing is a “states' rights” issue. I seem to remember that argument working out nicely for the South in the old days. Yeah, that’s how that went, right? Slavery was morally good in some states, and morally wrong in others? Something about the river or the longitude line that marked a states' border physically changed the moral calculus, somehow? Surprise! It's the same for abortion! Just like magic!

After all, applying consistency in our argumentation, well, that is just politically untenable today. Our plan of fighting for sixty years to make abortion a state’s rights issue again finally bore fruit with Dobbs, and we will take advantage of the decision by abolishing abortion in every conservative state. While human life may begin at conception, human rights on the other hand don’t begin until a heartbeat, fifteen weeks, twenty weeks…oh, who can say!

Pro-lifers have read the room; and the room says that we cannot have an abortion policy consistent with the belief that life begins at conception.

The Wages of Weakness are a Trap for us All

Therefore, we can shout: hooray for open borders! And the killing will continue, with few champions left to fight for the unborn. Not Charlie Kirk. Not Donald Trump. Not Kari Lake. Oh no, no, no…we can’t defend the claim that abortion is murder and should be treated as such (which is the only possible conclusion that stems from the position that life begins at conception).

So, keep those borders open. Uh, Biden, could we get some more Border Patrol agents to facilitate the crossing, please? We need the workers! The demographic bombs are exploding! We need more fighting age men, on the double!

These might as well be the campaign promises of the Kirks, and Lakes, and Trumps of the world. For their refusal to defend life will lead to the very things they claim to hate: human migration to curtail the effects of sixty million dead Americans. And counting.

Photo Credit- CNN