Recently a Christian artist named Jimmy Levy released a statement about the continued success of his rap song “Boycott Target” which he released back in May, and which eventually went all the way to the #1 spot on iTunes. Levy, along with some other Conservative and Christian rappers, wrote the song to call out Target for “targetin’ your kids” and “collaborating with Satanists to make children’s clothing,” as they turned their clothing department into a Pride-propaganda center this past June.

While pandering and virtue signaling by individuals and businesses every June is nothing new, this year’s Pride month was remarkable in two key respects. The first was how Pride month activists managed to outdo themselves, which considering last year’s “bottom-friendly menu” campaign by Postmates, was no small feat. This year they hit the bedrock foundation of what’s left of traditional American values and kept on chipping away into the infernal regions.

The other reason this year’s Pride month was one for the history books is that it (hopefully) marked the point when a critical mass of Americans (like Levy and his co-artists) had had enough of Pride’s bellicose debauchery, and fought back. Thus, before this year’s Pride month passes into the memory hole, let us to take one last look at the month that has devolved into our nation’s cultural burn pits.

The Long March of Imperial Pride

In 1999, as one of his last acts in office, President Bill Clinton officially declared June as “Pride Month” to commemorate the Stonewall Riots which took place back in 1969. Since then, the celebration of the sexual proclivities of a distinct minority of the U.S. population, has been a mainstay of American culture during the month of June. With each year getting more and more openly perverse.

However, ever since the 2015 Obergefell ruling and the rise of social media, we have seen a fanatical and continuous pushing of the Overton Window concerning LGBT issues from tolerance, to acceptance, to promoting and finally to outright imposition. This cultural shift has been helped along with the curious amalgamation of social media, the legacy media, the entertainment industry and our educational system that have all morphed into a kind of Pride Ideological Complex (PIC). Throw in the recent Pride event at the White House and this PIC now has the air of an imperial (State-sponsored) movement.

It is a movement that now wields tremendous power and influence in American culture and in our public institutions, one that has grown increasingly intolerant of those who object or are not fully supportive of their worldview. Its tenets and teachings are expected to be learned, acknowledged, obeyed and repeated transnauseam. This confluence of forces lead to quite the Pride month this year with such lowlights as,

1. As mentioned above, Target made a near-literal deal with the devil to design some merchandise, as well as selling brash and highly offensive Pride-themed clothing for babies all the way to adults.

2. The ongoing downfall of America’s most iconic beer, Bud Lite which began when one woke-scold at Anheuser-Busch decided that their traditional consumers (i.e. the majority of them) were “fratty” and “out of touch” or just not woke enough for their beer. So they chose trans-influencer Dylan Mulvaney to be the beer's spokes-fool (which to fair to his identity issues, the term is gender neutral). The fallout was immediate and is ongoing.

3. At their annual Pride night the L.A. Dodgers invited the anti-Catholic and satanic (but I repeat myself) drag group, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to be honored and given an award for all of their “charity” work at a Friday night game. After severe backlash from their fans (many of whom are Catholic), they disinvited them. But the PIC cried victim and the Dodgers reversed their decision.

4. The White House hosted a Pride event which practically cried out to our Founding Fathers for revolution. Most egregious of all was the positioning of a Pride flag on the White House between two American flags, which many Americans and vets found shameful and disresectful. Then there was the flagrant display of the narcissistic and lecherous nature inherent in the Pride movement and the PIC, when some trans-activists Tik-Tok’d themselves topless outside on the front lawn.

5. A plethora of libertine Pride parades and gatherings around the country where the revelers just couldn’t seem to contain their Pride, and felt compelled to share it with everyone else. There were nude bicyclists riding in a Seattle Pride parade, a “clothes optional” Pride gathering at a water park in New York City, as well as a parade in Manhattan's East Village where a large group of drag performers shouted over and over again, “We’re here, we’e queer and we’re coming for your children!”

And it is this last point that was the proverbial straw that broke the ordinary American’s back. In all the previous Pride months, most Americans were willing to roll their eyes and be content with a First Amendment-based live and let live attitude (albeit by confusing liberty and license). However, ever since the online schooling sessions during the Covid lockdowns, parents began to notice how adamant and open the PIC was at pushing imperial Pride’s diktats onto their kids. Since then, the PIC has only double-downed on its efforts and parents are finally realizing that the PIC and the Pride movement are a bottomless pit of deconstructive demands that never seem to have an end point. In fact, in most cases they consider parents as, at best an ancillary issue to their plans and at worst an obstacle to overcome.

The Rise and Rallying of the Normies

History has shown that any time governments, let alone an ideological cult like the PIC, have tried to usurp parental authority, conflict inevitably ensues. Such was the case with this year’s Pride month, as it turned into an “inflection point” (as old Joe likes to say) where parents and “Normies” had had enough. They fought back through protesting and simply refusing to support individuals or businesses that were just a little too loud and proud with their rainbow raunch.

The backlash against Target for their insufferable Pride products was so intense that even ordinary run-of-the-mill homosexuals were crying “not-okay groomer.” In response Target decided to move the Pride merch to the rear of their stores, where it would be less obvious. This pleased no one, with the normies wanting the merch gone while LGBT activists wanted more of it. Some of whom even went so far as to call in bomb threats into Target stores, no doubt to persuade Target of the justness of their movement. Since then Target’s stock and sales has suffered losses exceeding $15 billion.

When it came to Bud Lite, the beer’s stock and sales have plummeted and it lost its place as America’s number one selling beer. Wholesalers can’t move it, vendors can’t sell it even though it is cheaper than water in some places, and now even a bottling plant is closing down due to the lack of demand for Bud Lite. The lady whose marketing “strategy” started the brand’s collapse was placed on a permanent leave of absence from Anheuser-Busch. Meanwhile Dylan Mulvaney, in the face of all those losses, actually lashed out at Anheuser-Busch by playing the victim and saying that the best way to rectify the situation is for the beer company to do more of the same.

As for the Dodgers and their Pride night plans, the USCCB and even Bishop Robert “that’s the laity’s job” Barron did their job for once and condemned the Dodgers. They asked for a peaceful and prayerful protest on game day, which happened to be the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. And so on June 26th thousands of Catholics and other traditionally-minded people showed up to march to Dodger Stadium, lead by personalities such as Human Events’ Jack Posobiec and Archbishop Strickland. By day’s end, the Dodgers changed plans again and moved the award ceremony for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to before the game, where two “sisters” received the award in front of a near-empty stadium.

In regards to the White House Pride fiasco, the Biden administration realized that even they had to uphold some standards when it came to our nation’s capital. They issued a statement stating that the topless individual and other LGBT groups would not be welcome back. And while the condemnation was merely a disingenuous attempt at damage control, the upside to the whole trans-tumult was that Americans were able to see for themselves what sort of people and groups the Dems support.

As for the all of the other Pride events this past June from the parades, to the all-ages drag shows or story hours, to the ongoing battles to keep pornographic material out of school libraries, they unfortunately continued unabated throughout June. However, as with the White House Pride celebration, people got to see first hand who and what is at the heart of the Pride movement. By month’s end, too many normies found themselves stuck in a cognitive dissonance loop as they tried to square the PIC’s jibber-jabber about “love is love” or “everyone is welcome here” with the carnal degeneracy on public display during Pride month. And for a lot Americans, common sense and the remnants of some vestigial morality won out.

Leaving Sodom and Gomorrah

As is par for the course these days, the PIC took the interwebs to decry the great normie pushback by claiming it caused a rise in bigotry and hate crimes or that the boycotting of Target and Bud Lite is literallyeconomic terrorism.” At this point, it is all spitting into the wind for the PIC, since nothing is being done to them and what the “pushback” involved was Americans moving away from them. After all, to use one example, it’s not as though total beer sales have dropped, just Bud Lite. People are simply turning to other brands who don’t hate them for holding opinions apart from the approved PIC narrative.

To a growing number of Americans, there is no fixing our contemporary PIC and Pride infested culture, let alone trying to live in peace with our neighbors. For it is clear to them that our schools, our cities, our entertainment and even now our government have all become hives of “scum and villainy” and the “haunts of every unclean spirit." Either physically or ideologically, many Americans are leaving Sodom (the Pride movement) and Gomorrah (the PIC) behind and going their own way. They are building their own parallel economies and communities where they can live a peaceable life as they see fit.

It is interesting to note that the rainbow and later the rainbow flag became the symbol of the LGBT community. At least until the sexual revolutionaries began to eat their own and demanded more colors and symbols on the flag to represent more and more marginalized communities. But it seems that this year Christians and normie Americans saw all the Pride flags during June and suddenly were inspired with the knowledge that the rainbow originally belonged to God. That it represented God’s unstrung war bow and was a sign of the covenant God made with us.

Now those same people are taking that knowledge to heart and acting out their own covenant with God or the constitutional principles of our republic. As they live and die, they are making a promise to the PIC and the Pride movement that they are done with them. That they want no part of God’s wrath or the personal or social decay that come from living such a debased life.

And it appears that it is a movement of its own that is catching on. As Jimmy Levy said in his interview “we’re the majority no matter what, the mainstream and Hollywood—and the industry wants to promote whatever agenda they want to promote and try to make us look like we’re the minority— people of God, patriots, Americans...It’s just not the truth. And no matter what, God prevails.” And so it does, and so it will.

Photo Credit- The Williams Lake Tribune