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J. Antonio Juarez

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J. Antonio Juarez holds a B.A. in Theology and is a part-time freelance writer and short-story author. His works have appeared in The Human Life Review, The Maccabee Society, and The Federalist.

Giving a Graduation Gift that Counts

As the 2021 academic year wraps up, some of us may know a recent high school or college grad. If we want our young people to grow and mature into responsible adults, perhaps we should rethink the graduation gifts we give them, and instead give them the seeds to something truly great in their lives.

Remembering the Fallen

Despite all of the other distractions we have going on this weekend, let alone on this day, we should all take a moment today to stop what we are doing and think about, and pray for, those who gave their lives in defense of this country.

It's a Nancy Kind of Thing

The recent vandalizing of Nancy Pelosi's home in San Francisco is indicative of the rancorous mood our nation is in. However, underneath the act lies the reason why Peolosi and others like her, are routinely despised by many Americans. A reason she is completely in the dark about.