In August 1984, MGM’s release of the action drama Red Dawn presented a warning against complacency from military invasion. Admittedly, the Soviets and their allies didn’t actually possess the logistics or manpower to seize and occupy American territory. Nonetheless, malicious intent from aggressive regimes against free people just minding their own business has never vanished. Such designs might lurk in the shadows of deceit and obfuscation, or brazenly publicize contempt on their targets.

Instead, the threat underwent metamorphosis through voter bribery and deceit-infected management positions in academia, media, industry, philanthropy, and even ecclesia to propagandize diversity, equity & inclusion (DEI) as justified by critical race theory (CRT) and third-wave feminism. Thus, the anti-competence crowd inflicts society with the elevation of amorous appetite as one’s penultimate aspiration and widespread impoverishment by apocalyptic environmentalism. Initially instigated by activist Saul Alinsky, the purveyors of collectivist tribal mindsets has infiltrated judicial, legislative, administrative, educational and military institutions to enforce their woke edicts, and metastasized during the Brandon executive Blue Dawn usurpation.

Last October, Dinish D’Souza released his new documentary Police State - a sober assessment of America’s transformation from a society of citizens working together to a patchwork of subjects harassed and bullied by midwit overlords (defined here) with coercive powers available to exercise against the patriots whom they hold in utter contempt.

The End of the Cold War Opened a New Battle Front, at Home!

Opening with an FBI no-knock raid on an otherwise typical middle-class family, Police State jars the audience to attention by storming the home and ransacking drawers for “evidence” while arresting the father under unspecified charges. This might seem surreally dystopian and reminiscent of scenes from Brazil (1985) or Minority Report (2002).

Following the title credits, D’Souza asks about the start of the great encroachment through interviews with former officials and other individuals familiar with the loss of inalienable rights. Dan Bongino, a former New York police officer and Secret Service agent, explains that federal domestic abuses expanded with the Patriot Act in the wake of the Islamist terrorist attack on September 11, 2001. As Revolver News founder Darren Beattie observes, “the regime allows pure anarchy … for its client populations and … visits extreme tyranny on those it deems political enemies – namely law abiding conservatives.” Yeonmi Park, an escapee of North Korea and author of While Time Remains, describes trends about our country’s slide towards freedom’s erosion coming from absurd Ivy league propaganda apparent to everyone except Davos attendees.

As explained by Senator Rand Paul, the Patriot Act expanded the investigative powers of federal intelligence services, and subsequently redirected it. Routine approval of warrants by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (FISA) Court, established in 1978, eviscerated its ostensibly original purpose to curtail such abuses. With the demand for finding terrorists (other than Antifa) vastly outstripping the supply, entrapment has become an enticing option for career advancement. Sentenced in a sting operation that badgered a struggling Miami businessman into pledging allegiance to jihad, Narseal Batiste received almost 14 years incarceration plus another 35 years of supervised release. Even the leftist Guardian excoriated this travesty.

With focus on the Middle East waning, administrative attention has shifted to the “threats” from the “Far-Right” as exemplified by the a Pyramid shown in the film (see below). This hierarchy presumably cites psychology professors Clark McCauley and Sophia Moskalenko in their 2017 a radicalization model. When the satirical Babylon Bee, quasi-libertarian Quillette and quirky Prager University feature prominently as alt-right wanabees, we’re all in the cross-hairs of government-sponsored scalp-hunters.

Throughout his narration and interviews, D’Souza observes the Deep State’s overt efforts to silence dissent and intimidate critics in a web of mutual protection between the bureaucracy and administration officials. Censorship applies to government abuses, while anyone suspect of upsetting the applecart of Our Democracy™ becomes subject to innuendo and false accusation: Russian collusion, origin of COVID, Hunter Biden’s laptop contents.

For the January 6 “insurrection” incident, D’Souza shows Trump supporters at the capital being corralled into interrupting Congressional challenges to the electoral count and then judicially railroaded. Under the a Twelfth Amendment, had neither Messrs Trump nor Biden reached the current minimum of 270 votes due to disqualification, the House of Representatives would have decided the presidency, with each state delegation casting a single vote. Rubber-stamp certification after the federally orchestrated disruption ensured that Biden would take office despite ballot irregularities.

In Order to Form a more Compliant Union

Despite the virtually total institutional stranglehold, Deep State operatives seek to buttress their deliberate efforts to relegate patriotic citizens to a subjugate dhimmi class. Their technique of choice involves a swarming the southern borders with pliable future voters from impoverished regions, and even a few liberals have begun to notice. Since 2010, an estimated five million more illegal migrants now internally reside herein. Note that Vox editors approve this, although a Aporia eviscerates their economic and moral reasoning.

While the border agents restrict trade goods, human trafficking abounds unchecked. Tragically, this includes children smuggled for sex through trans-national criminal organizations such as MS-13. Over a two-year period, an estimated eighty-five thousand children have disappeared from accountability.  Their suffering shows the price the Deep State will pay to inaugurate their Great Replacement scheme.

D’Souza compares our predicament to China, but with the contrast that first, the Communists offered a bargain – improved standard of living if not quite prosperity (over the past three decades) in exchange for unlimited power, and second that everyone recognizes the claimants for authority. Americans, on the other hand, suffer inflation and economic uncertainty for all the clandestine abuse imposed or threatened. Even more disconcerting, we can only guess as to who’s actually in charge.

One clip spotlights Barack Obama explaining “if I could make an arrangement – a stand-in – a front man that had an earpiece in while I’m in my basement in my sweats, but I could sort of deliver the lines but someone else was doing all the talking and ceremony, I’d be fine with that.” Curiously enough, a Tablet a interview with David Garrow echoes that sentiment, noting that Brandon’s White House employs Obama’s lackeys.

A Choice of Two Americas

D’Souza concludes with his prophesy “America will be a full-fledged police state when the country itself has been turned into a prison. In a free country the government exists to serve the citizens. In a police state, the government declares war on the citizens and you won’t be able to hide. They have their lists, and you are already on one of them. You may be next.” As with his 2014 a documentary, America – Imagine the World Without Her, both final scores include the “Star Spangled Banner” – but in the prior decade, the tone had been upbeat and jaunty – this time its rendition is somber and melancholic.

One might reasonably ask, why do fewer than half of Americans realize this predicament? The answer lies in division of loyalties – one to our nation and her people, and the other to the establishment who delude themselves to be a noble and beleaguered, while acting out of perceived a self-interest. The latter denote the “clerisy” as labeled by Joel Kotkin that include professional “knowledge” cliques who benefit from suffocating regulation and college credential creep. The former represent traditional entrepreneurs and private-sector laborers called “deplorables” and “domestic terrorists” among other disparagements.

Fortunately, our anti-meritocratic midwit elite lack the intellectual depth to maintain their incompetent dominance indefinitely. Regrettably however, their self-serving and destructive inclinations can ruin much while they remain at the helm, and the rest of us don’t know yet how to recover steering control. Lincoln observed that if America falls, it will be by suicide. We stare into the abyss as did Thomas Paine and realize that the hour is late. Blue Dawn apparatchiks can a deploy M1 Abrams tanks, AH-64 Apache helicopters and much else at their beck and call. It’s cold comfort that all our hardware and troops didn’t stop the Taliban. In his latest documentary, D’Souza warns us that an unscrupulous and deceptive oligarchy propels our transformation towards untrammeled tyranny. Our national anthem still ends in a question. Hopefully, we’ll be able to answer in the affirmative before all the walls close in, because we have nowhere else to run.