In previous articles we looked at what I call counterfeit America and its simulacrum version of citizenship and its fraudulent facsimile of legitimate marriage and sexuality. Upon close examination of its fruits, one can easily discern the bogus reality. It puts aliens above those whose history is actually tied to the land; its system cannot even sustain a population without resorting to vampiric methods—mass migration. But let us not confine ourselves to society. From the standpoint of economics, counterfeit America produces similarly ersatz results.

While 40% of those in the Greatest Generation were employed producing manufactured goods, today less than 10% of workers in the United States can say the same. In place of cars, counterfeit America makes cheese burgers. Counterfeit American cheerleaders praise the rise of the gig economy and four out of five jobs take place within the service economy.

Are these results really “progress?” Let’s take a closer look.

In 1965, the largest company by numbers of employees and revenues in the United States was General Motors; the average worker there made about $3 per hour, or around $6,000 per year.

In that year, 1965, the Ford Mustang cost approximately $2700. The median house sold for $20,000. The interest rate on a 30 year mortgage in 1965 was approximately 5.9%. And tuition, fees, room, and board at a four year public college cost less than $1,000. The total cost for all of these goods was $23,700. That GM worker’s one year salary came up short of buying all three of these things (the car, the house, and the college tuition) by $17,700.

In other words, the amount debt necessary for our American GM worker to finance the difference was 2.95 times more than he made in the year 1965.

The Situation of Today's Working Class

Today, the largest employer in the United States is Wal-Mart, with over 1.5 million employees. The average worker at Wal-Mart makes about $25,000 per year. In 2019, the sticker price for a Ford Mustang was $26,670. The median American home cost about $327,000 in 2019. The interest rate on a 30 year mortgage in 2019 was approximately 3.94%. Tuition, fees, room and board at a 4 year public university were a little north of 10,000 in 2019.

Our Wal-Mart worker’s one year salary comes up short of buying these goods (the car, the house, and the college tuition) by $338,670. The debt necessary for today’s American worker to purchase these goods amounts to approximately 13.5 times his yearly income.

Thirteen and a half times the average income for our Wal-Mart worker today to buy products which the General Motors workers could buy in 1965 with 2.95 times his income.

For all Americans in 1965—not just GM workers—the price-to-median household income ratio was approximately 3.2. In counterfeit America’s 2020 economy, the ratio is 4.1. In the decade before 1965 (1955-1965), real median family income rose by 42%; in the decade between 2008 and 2018 (the most recent data available), counterfeit America’s real median family income rose by barely over 9%. To be fair, for the poorest Americans—at least until the WuFlu—it was rising faster than at any time in many years.

This is the counterfeit economy that's stacked up against the real one which our occupation elites have spent the better part of five decades undermining.

Please don’t respond, “But Hezekiah, the skill set involved to work at General Motors is far beyond the skill set of a checker a Wal-Mart.”


I doubt the average CATO or AEI egghead regaling us with the wonders of the integrated global economy in the midst of our disintegrating society has ever operated an impact wrench or worked a checkout machine in his life. I have. And I can tell you the skills involved in each job aren’t that disparate.

What Is Happening to the Working Class Is Happening to the Nation

In 1964, the population of the United States was 192 million souls and the national debt was 312 billion dollars (not even 1 trillion!) Today, the United States population is 328 million people (not including alien trespassers) and the national debt is over 26.7 trillion dollars. In other words, the population of the United States grew by ~71% between 1964 and 2020; at the same time the national debt grew by 8473%!

Is that “progress?” Do we want to continue “conserving” it?

While we remain the largest of the reserve currencies in the world, the charade can probably continue indefinitely. But God help this country if it loses this status and the jig ever stops.

But hey, at least the average American worker (if the XY chromosome possessing individual even calls himself a ‘he,’ and if he is even married or even has the requisite 1.7 kids), along with his wife, and his kids have free and easily accessible porn, plentiful anti-depressants, abundant opiates, and of course pot to numb themselves with, right?

Sounds like “the blessings of liberty” as Conservative Inc. and their globalist friends who control the Democratic Party would call it.

I wonder what those heritage Americans who settled this place after braving the dangers of the Appalachian or Oregon or California trails would say to us if they were living to see what their great-grandchildren and their country have become?

Should we conserve a system of affairs where more Americans are living with their grown parents because they are too poor than any time since the Great Depression and more Americans believe their children’s lives will be worse off than theirs?

What are we trying to conserve, exactly?

What has happened and is happening isn’t democracy. It is usurpation.

What to Do About America's Counterfeit Economy

Josiah Lippincott alluded to this from the economic side in his prescient American Mind article “The Rise of the Insurgent Right.” He proposes his answer to our illegitimate Counterfeit American economy: trust busting. Lippincott goes on, “the movement for liberty must dedicate itself wholly to the annihilation of political and economic oligarchy. The corporate behemoths must be shattered. The super-wealthy titans that slurp up ever-greater swaths of our civil life must be cut off at the knees. That is something else we ought to be doing. The growing menace of woke Capital threatens not only the American family; it threatens the American economy and its preeminence as well.”

Good economic policy doesn’t end with trust busting. It also applies to foreign relations. A good start was President Trump withdrawing from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and placing tariffs on Chinese products. Make no mistake, America was built on what the globalist occupation class derisively dismisses as “protectionism.” Maybe it was a coincidence that the rise of the United States as a manufacturing giant and the worlds largest creditor happened while the United States pursued a policy of enlightened self-interest through tariffs and internal developments. And maybe it has been a mere coincidence that, as the United States embraced ever looser and ever greater “integration” with the “global economy” it has seen its middle class hollowed out while becoming the worlds largest debtor nation. But I doubt it. And so do others far more articulate than I. Genuine restoration of historical America can only happen if we seek to not only restore American society but also to restore an authentic American economy.

Our economy must serve the broadest swathes of the American public as possible. A worthy economy gives as many Americans the opportunity to avail themselves of the dignity of work. It consciously sets out to create conditions which make globalist wages races to the bottom an impossibility. An America First economy must engage in a robust defense of loyal American interests at home and abroad while ruthlessly punishing globalist companies at home. The path back to power must take these lines. America deserves nothing less.

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