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Katya Sedgwick

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Katya Rapoport Sedgwick is a mom and a grad school dropout living in San Francisco Bay Area. You can also find her on The Federalist, AreoMag, Legal Insurrection, and on Twitter at @KatyaSedgwick.

Tucker In Moscow

If Carlson wants to call attention to inflation or the sorry state of our own public transportation — point taken. I am very concerned about my grocery bill and I wrote about safety on the Bay Area’s BART myself. But he needs to make this point here, in the US.

The Effects of Masking for Teenage Girls

The next generation of blue state women—the American petty aristocracy, such as it is—will grow up veiled, shrouded, and isolated, with rare sexual encounters arranged electronically over networks heavily policed by multinational corporations, and government agencies.

A Destructive Distraction

While it is easy to buy into the delusion that we are witnessing a revolution in the making by those who are celebrating the tearing down of monuments across the country, don't be fooled. Behind the riotous acts of these mobs lies a more jaded but mundane truth.

Fighting the "War" on COVID

Since World War 2 our country has been fond of using the term "A War on..." to describe a concerted national effort to fix some intractable problem. Our nation's efforts to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic has also been described as a war, but are we really fighting it like one?
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