How Ballot-Harvesting Became The New Way to Steal An Election by Eric Eggers

Eggers documents the many instances of voter fraud that happen because of ballot-harvesting, the act of a third person taking absentee ballots to the polls. Here's a thought: let's do away with absentee voting altogether and have everyone vote in-person. With early voting and plenty of places to vote, there's no reason to count easily forged slips of paper from wherever and whomever.

The Return of Paganism by Ross Douthat

Is America and the West headed towards a pagan future? Douthat explores the "spiritual but not religious" fashion that predominates. They may not be propitiating new deities like the Romans or Greeks, but they do adhere to some kind of pantheism that's open to the supernatural. It seems like people believe enough in some kind of God to soothe their conscience and convince themselves of their own goodness, but not enough to actually change their lives and truly practice a faith.

The "Protestant" Catholics by David Carlin

I wish I could say I binge-read Blessed John Henry Newman like David Carlin, but alas, I have one of his books sitting in my library that'll probably stay there for another few months before I make the attempt. Carlin discusses the idea of Private Judgement, the idea that individuals decide for themselves how to interpret the Bible. This has led to Protestant churches to continually fragment. There were ways that the bigger denominations combatted this, but the problem continues. Carlin mentions that Catholics, too, have fallen in this way of thinking and this accounts for a weak liberal belief that characterizes most modern Catholics.

Most People Can't Explain the Reason Meddling With Babies' DNA Is Wrong by Kyle Sammin

Most of the article's argument is in the title, but Sammin does a nice job laying out the controversy and the lackluster response. Chinese doctors (and American ones) are experimenting on babies, both alive and dead, and all people can do is squabble on the methods used. I think part of the problem, besides the relativism Sammin discusses, is the fact that people who approve of abortion have lost any moral credibility that they'd need to call out any violations of ethics, something this other article points out.