As the elections draw near, the strategy from many on the liberal progressive side will be to place a negative label on conservatives, Christians and Republicans in an effort to influence (or perhaps more accurately, to scare) and win over independent and voters. This election cycle will not likely be any different. This year it has become obvious that one of the main strategies of the anti-conservative/anti-Christian/anti-Republican camp will be to label such individuals as “Christian Nationalists.”

In a recent example, an investigative correspondent from Politico named Heidi Przybyla, appearing on MSNBC in February, applied this cunning label and curiously suggested that any Christian citizen living in America is a “Christian Nationalist”—and implying that they are therefore an extremist—if they believe that our rights as Americans and human beings come from God (yes, she really did say that). How a sophisticated, professional reporter with many years of education, training and experience did not know (or intentionally chose to ignore) that God is the source of our rights to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” as confirmed in our nation’s Founding Documents, is hard to fathom.

A Revolutionary Idea

The Founders of our country posited an idea for government that at the time was completely new; that our basic human rights originate from our Creator. This idea is quintessentially American, and the rest of the world is well aware of it. John Adams formulated the essential concepts contained in the Declaration of Independence, while Thomas Jefferson was its chief author. Are these men (and the other Founders) to be considered as “Christian Nationalists”? I wouldn’t think so, but as a result of confirming our God-given rights, they should undoubtedly be considered as true revolutionaries.

Whether progressives/liberals/Cultural Marxists like it or not, our rights do not originate from any individual, from any group of individuals, or from any earthly authority, body, or document. They come from only one source: the One who created us. With God as the source of our rights, this means that not only Americans, but all human beings are owners of the rights referenced in our Declaration of Independence. As highlighted above, this idea as a basis for governing was, and remains today, revolutionary.

If Not God, Then Where Do Our Rights Originate From?

There is a clear reason behind why our Founders felt the need to clarify this most important of all points; that our fundamental rights do not come from earthly sources. If our rights did originate from the material world, it would mean that they could be changed on a whim at any time by human sources of temporary power. Until the time of the Founding of our country, the world had operated under the rights-as-a-material-world-concept assumption. This all changed in the year 1776, the signing of our most famous Document.

For those who disagree with our Founders and the words of the Declaration regarding the source of our most important rights, it is interesting that these same individuals are reluctant to confirm their position. In fact, while the Politico correspondent later clarified her comments and her use of what she referred to as “clumsy words,” she (not surprisingly) failed to confirm her thoughts as to the source of our fundamental rights. Despite this intentional lack of clarity, it is nevertheless quite easy to summarize potential earthly sources for our basic human rights. They include: the Founders themselves, the Constitution, Congress (the House of Representatives and/or the Senate), the Supreme Court, and the President/the Executive branch. During the time of the Founders, another source of rights could possibly have been the King of England (or perhaps the King of France or Spain). For obvious reasons, none of these fit the bill.

It seems that the reason Leftists can’t (or won’t) define the source of our rights is because for them, our fundamental rights coincidentally appear to originate from whatever authority or group that they happen to control at any specific point. In other words, whatever group or power has the ability to advance their (progressive anti-religion/anti-God) agenda, becomes the source of what they consider to be basic human rights. With such a strategy, it thus makes sense as to why it is impossible for the cultural Marxists of the Left to identify a consistent wellspring for our most basic rights.

What is a “Christian Nationalist”

As part of their overall strategy, Leftists typically avoid defining their terms and labels. But in this rare and unique instance, a reporter from Politico has fortunately provided for us a clear definition of the recently created term “Christian Nationalist.” Thanks to her, and just in time for November, we are blessed to know that the negatively intended label refers to Christians who profess to believe that our rights as Americans and human beings come from God. Reading between the lines, we are also privileged to know that the term “Christian Nationalist” is synonymous with the term “extremist.”

The not-so-veiled connection to extremism is key and should not be underestimated. It means that any Christian who believes that our rights come from God is now considered to be an extremist by the Media, the Left, and possibly by mainstream Democrats as well. Most Christians in the U.S. would appear to be captured by such a definition. Upon further examination, the label appears not only to apply to Christians, but to anyone who believes that God is the source of our basic human rights (which would include most all conservatives and many Republicans). Consequently, several other large groups would fall under the definition. For example, both Muslims and Jews would fall in the “extremist” category in cases where they are bold enough to share in the belief that our basic human rights originate from God, effectively making them “Muslim/Jewish Nationalists.”

What is Really Going On

Part of the explanation for the use of the “Christian Nationalist” label is simple; a powerful group that wants to win the next election is attempting to retain power. This is not hard to see or understand. However, there is also another reason to explain the designation. It is often the case that what is not said can be more important than what is spoken. Even without direct access to confidential/secret strategy documents from the dark headquarters of the Left, it seems clear that their shared goal in making use of the term “Christian Nationalist” is to attempt to tie the Republican Party (which includes both conservatives and Christians) to the Nazi’s of Adolf Hitler’s Germany. This is not necessarily a new game plan but merely a new iteration, as the use of the Nazi label (directly or indirectly) against Republicans has been quite common throughout recent political history in the U.S., and has already surfaced in the 2024 election cycle. Another critical part of their strategy is to treat their own radical views as neutral, while at the same time labeling their opponents views as radical.

But does the suggestion or implication that Republicans are like Nazis make sense? While it is true that the Nazi’s were Nationalists, they were also avowed Socialists (the full name of their Party was the National Socialist German Workers’ Party). In addition, the Nazis were anti-God and anti-religion, so this essentially means that in order to accept that Republicans are similar to the Nazis, it requires one to conclude that Christian Republicans are effectively operating as “anti-religious socialist nationalists.” Viewed in this way, one can see that the accusation is not merely tenuous, but completely and utterly absurd. It is particularly offensive to label Republicans as anti-religious socialist Nazis when it is also the case that many on the Progressive Left are in fact both anti-religious and card-carrying socialists. With this in mind, it begins to make sense why liberal progressives are attempting to tie their opponents to the Nazi Party of Hitler’s Germany. It has much to do with a fear that eventually it will be realized that they have much more in common with the Nazis than Republicans.

A Bold Strategy

As part of an intentional strategy of deception, the progressive Left does not typically define the labels that it places on its opponents. But thanks to Politico’s Heidi Przybyla, we now are aware that anyone (not just in America, but across the planet) who believes that our rights as Americans and human beings come from God is a “Nationalist” (implying a “Nazi”) and therefore an “extremist.” This is definitely a bold political strategy for the 2024 election year.

Will it work labeling conservatives, Christians, Republicans, Muslims and Jews, as well as anyone else that believes in God and our founding principles (including our Founders), as extremists and Nazis?

While from a political standpoint it could possibly end up being a decision made out of “pure genius,” I suggest that before reaching any definitive conclusions, we should wait to see what happens at the voting box this coming November…

Photo Credit- St. Olaf College