War is in the news, and once again we are talking about the Western public response to the war. During the Afghanistan debacle, we talked a fair bit about why it was that a significant minority of highly online Western men were cheering on the Taliban as it swept the forces of Global Homogenization (GloboHomo) from Afghanistan with lightning speed.

If one refers back to my writing on that topic, my hunch is that the admiration of foreign enemies on the part of these men is more a function of alienation from our current regime than any real affinity with the Taliban or, in this case, the Russian state. One of the greatest advancements for political discourse in the West within the past fifty years is that we can now openly talk about supposed liberal democracies as having “elites” and “regimes,” what at any other point in history would be called “the aristocracy” and “the throne.”

Phrasing the topic in that way helps illustrate the enormity of the obstacles that stand in the way of meaningful political change in the West. There is a particular program which the Western aristocrats have foisted on a largely unwilling population. Recent events related to COVID have demonstrated this in stark regard, although skirmishes regarding Critical Race Theory and its being taught in schools are another clear indicator of the ideological program underway.

The recent response of the Trudeau government (remember him?) to a non-violent, working-class protest movement demonstrates that Western leaders have no compunctions about using the long arm of the state to ram down their program, provided they are working in an environment like Canada where they have total domination of the airwaves used to disseminate propaganda. In other words, for Western dissidents, it is becoming increasingly clear that there is no peaceful political solution that would see their way of life protected (let alone enshrined in law or buttressed by cultural institutions).

The Folly of the Elites and Dissidents

What remains is to put up or shut up; either leave the domains of GloboHomo by moving to nominal safe havens like Hungary (and learn their uniquely unpronounceable language), or become content with your place as a dissident element within the empire and understand that, in a historical context, this means that state can and will make you a target if you stick your head above the parapet.

But since dissidents aren’t interested in realistic solutions, fancies must be entertained of how a "pie-in-the-sky Happening" will lead us on to the "great red-pilled by-and-by-in-the-sky-Lord-in-the-sky." Specifically, the idea seems to be that if Vladimir Putin can restore the Russian Empire and cement a new multi-polar order, the brittle American regime will collapse and dissidents can range free once more. To do what exactly is unclear.

I am sympathetic to people who think this way for several reasons. For one, I think the way the Russians are vilified in the Western media as a uniquely evil people is wrong and unjust, and I am all too aware of the provocative actions the West has taken over the past few decades to get us to this point. Also, I love Russian culture, especially literature. You could say I was an unironic Russophile before it was cool.

But, just because I’m sympathetic, doesn’t mean I think it’s a good thing that Putin is sending his young men (the last sizable batch of them he will get if Russian demographics don’t take a hard mend) to die in an unjustifiable and ignominious invasion of their neighbor. Look at the multi-varied causes all you want, at the end of the day rolling tanks into your neighbor’s capital without a clear threat of imminent violence is not excusable. War is the last refuge of the incompetent, so it is said, and I think this war illustrates that maxim beautifully.

Russia's Invasion and the Threat of Things to Come

But to return to the point, the Russo-Ukrainian War of 2022 will not collapse the American empire, and Vladimir Putin is not going to pull a Red Dawn and liberate dissident America from GloboHomo. Anyone who speaks of the Russian regime “liberating” anything is hopelessly clueless. The obsession some have with Putin’s regime and the knee-jerk emotional desire for them to conquer and raze the world structure is based on a wet dream of liberation and power that will never come to pass. More relevant to us today are the scary implications of the new reality.

Yes, we are once again in a multi-polar world order. How did that go the last time? That’s right, and that was before every tin-can dictatorship could build ICBMs.