Ahead of the 2024 elections, it looks like the Democrats plan to use abortion as an issue to drive voter turnout among their young, public school-educated base. Using tried and true fear-driven tactics, they will convince low-information voters that Republican politicians literally want to follow them into their bedroom and subsequent OBGYN appointments. They will do their best to convince the average 20-something spinster that, upon an “unplanned” pregnancy, they will be “forced” to follow through with the natural consequences of their free choices, now being unable to legally kill her baby and all. Thanks a lot, Dobbs!

It’s a ploy that has Republicans terrified. After all, just look to Ohio. Having done his part to end Roe, DJT seems to be done picking that scab. To summarize, the broadly pro-life movement seems to have no answers or strategy as to how to respond. Attempts at 6-week/heartbeat bans or 15-week compromises are described as too extreme or too moderate by their critics. There is no easy compromise for the committed pro-lifers and the moderate swishes in the Republican Party.

So, against all odds, the Democrats are winning the messaging war, while literally defending the murder of innocent human babies. Somehow, it is conservatives who are at a loss. The Babylon Bee described the Republicans “plight” well: “Babies Alive Because Of Dobbs Ruling Apologize To Republicans For Making It Hard To Win Elections.”

So, I want to help Republicans craft a winning message. I won’t even charge a consulting fee.

Time for a Change in Strategy

While there is a growing abolitionist movement in the Republican world that actually wants to totally end abortion and treat abortion like the murder we (“we,” assuming all readers here are pro-life conservatives) all say it is, that position is in the minority. It loses time and again in state houses, often because Big Life joins hands with Planned Parenthood to protect the mother and kill an abolitionist bill. So it seems that it is not a strategy the Pro Life Movement™ wants to embrace.

Which is too bad. Because it was an abolition movement that gave rise to the Republican Party in the first place in the years preceding the Civil War. The abolition they sought then, of course, was that of slavery. Nonetheless, it is time that we ask ourselves, is it possible…could it be…might we try to dig deep into the past and use that same rhetoric and turn the tables on today’s social justice warriors? Could we accuse the Left of being the same kind of people they love to hate-on, and thereby shine an unflattering light on what they have become?

Yes we can. And we must. Luckily for us, not only does this point out their hypocrisy on matters of social justice, it has the advantage of being true. For on the one hand, it is simply a fact that they will say that systemic racism is the worst problem ever, but systemic murder is a social virtue. Why do we have a hard time pointing this out?

We have to expose the darkness instead of shying away. “Lean in,” as they say. Call abortion what it is. Make those who condone it, perform it, and justify it the equivalent of modern-day slaveowners- except much much worse. Slaveowners at least had a vested interest in keeping their slaves alive, even if they worked them to the bone, so that they could profit from their labor. Pro-aborts on the other hand, have nothing to gain (in terms of profit or power) from a live birth, so in the name of healthcare they dismember babies and are committing mass murder all over the globe.

Change the Rhetoric and Start Changing the Game

So, let’s go big or go home. Stop pussyfooting around the edges on an issue that is literally over life or death. Stop saying life begins at conception in one breath and then negotiating with demons for how long we will let that life continue before we sever their spinal cord. If life begins at conception, keep “6 weeks,” “15 weeks,” and “20 weeks” out yo’ mouth. It’s degrading to you, to me, and to the innocent child.

Say this instead:  “I oppose abortion for the same reasons I oppose slavery:

  1. We don’t dehumanize humans by owning them and we don’t dehumanize humans by killing them.
  2. We don’t discriminate by race and we don’t discriminate by age.
  3. The 14th amendment grants equal protection of the law to all people and unborn people are people.
  4. No one has the ‘right’ to kill their own child."

Win the “wrong side of history” debate already by making the 20-somethings admit they are modern day slaveowners (or worse), and reminding them what “side” of history they ended up on. Sure, many will double down, own it, and vote for the freedom to kill their child, anyway. But at least we have persevered in dignity and the ideological lines will be much clearer.

In an age where messaging is king, drop the negotiating tactics and be bold. Make the pro-abortion movement the same as the South’s pro-slavery movement. It’s rhetorically powerful and, as I said, has the benefit of also being true.

Photo Credit- Milwaukee Journal Sentinel