Recently something truly dark was brought out into the light in our nation’s capital. On March 25th, two pro-life activists, Lauren Handy and Terrisa Bukovinac, who are part of a group called Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) were attempting to do a “pink rose rescue” at a Washington D.C. abortion clinic called the Surgi-Center. When they arrived they encountered an employee of a company called Curtis Bay Medical Waste Services that was carrying three boxes of waste away from the clinic.

The activists told the employee what was inside the boxes and asked if they could have the remains of the aborted babies so as to give them “a proper burial and funeral.” The employee, shocked at what he carrying, agreed and gave one of the boxes to the two ladies. Inside they found the remains of “over 115 unborn children, five of whom were extremely late term.” They invited Live Action to come and photograph the remains, and it does appear that there is physical evidence that the abortions on the five late-term babies may be in violation of “both the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 and the Born Alive Infants Protection Act.”

Eventually the D.C. Metropolitan Police were summoned to Laura Handy’s apartment where she had the remains, and they were given over to the D.C. medical examiner. D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, without any investigation, asserted the babies were legally aborted and even accused the activists of “tampering with the fetal remains.” It is an odd quirk in D.C.’s status as the nation’s capital which seems to offer it a loophole around federal abortion laws, and in fact the city has no specific laws banning abortion at any point in the pregnancy. Boweser for her part has highlighted a DOJ indictment against the activists (who were later arrested by the FBI) and has said that the only crime worth investigating is “how the aborted baby bodies were obtained.”

Nevertheless, PAAU member Terrisa Bukovinac has offered definitive proof, including a 2012 undercover video from Live Action, that the Surgi-Center’s owner and operator Dr. Cesare Santangelo has “been allowing living babies to die in his clinic after botched abortions.” Thus Republican lawmakers have rebuked mayor Bowser and have written to Attorney General Merrick Garland that the aborted babies remains “deserve to have their deaths investigated to ensure that no D.C. or federal laws were broken.” As of this writing, nothing has been done, and there is a well-founded fear that any evidence, which are still in the D.C.’s wonky jurisdiction, will be destroyed before any investigation will be done.

When that Moment Comes

One would think that the revelations of the horrors which occurred at that D.C. infant abattoir would engender one of those glitch in the Matrix moments, and causes us pause and ask whether or not we had just seen, read, or heard something correctly. A moment when we realize that the conversation over abortion has moved passed personal autonomy vs the right to life, and has devolved into outright child sacrifice to the same demonic entity (Molech) whose worship to him recorded in the Bible required children to “pass through the fire” and be immolated.

What is even more chilling though, is the fact that all of this carnage went on in our nation’s capital, right under the noses of our elected officials and judges whose job most Americans still imagine is to uphold and protect our inalienable rights. How strange that Washington D.C., a city recognized the world over as a symbol of freedom, power and wealth, has become a modern-day Babylon. We should be so lucky if the city was merely a “wretched hive of scum and villainy”, but the bitter truth is that it has become a haunt of death and demonic activity of which the Book of Wisdom spoke of,

“Afterward it was not enough for them to err about the knowledge of God, but they live in great strife due to ignorance, and they call such great evils peace. For whether they kill children in their initiations, or celebrate secret mysteries or hold frenzied revels with strange customs, they no longer keep either their lives or their marriages pure, but they either treacherously kill one another, or grieve one another by adultery and all is a raging riot of blood and murder, theft and deceit, corruption, faithlessness, tumult, perjury, confusion over what is good, forgetfulness of favors, pollution of souls, sex perversion, disorder in marriage, adultery, and debauchery.” (14:22-27)

This whole story is eerily similar to the tale of Kermit Gosnell, and with deliberations being made by the SCOTUS over Roe vs. Wade taking place nearby, a little too similar for comfort. This is why the story was shunted as quickly as possible down the memory hole by the D.C. mayor, pro-abortion politicians, and their accomplices in the media who can always be counted on to carry their blood-soaked water.

The Eternal Light that Shines in the Darkness

In J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Two Towers, Frodo and Sam agreed to let Gollum be their guide into Mordor through a secret pass called Cirith Ungol. There Gollum planned to betray the two of them by leading them into the lair of Shelob, a demon in spider form. While in the darkness of Shelob’s lair, Frodo and Sam remember the gift they had received from the Lady Galadriel before they had set out on their journey. It was a magic phial of water that contained “the light of Eärendil’s star” that was to “be a light” for them in dark places "when all other lights go out."

Washington D.C. has become a dark place and while we should be saddened at the revelations of all of the deaths that occurred at the Surgi-Center, on this Easter Sunday we should not be despondent. For we too have our own “phial” of light in the resurrection of our Lord who is “the light of the world” and “the way, and the truth, and the life.” The light of the risen Lord, is a manifestation of the same glory of God when he created time and space when he said, “Let there be light.” It is the same light and glory that, if the Shroud of Turin is to believed, flashed in an instant in the tomb on Easter morning that left a visage on his burial cloth. And it is this same glory and light that now comforts the souls of the aborted children in D.C. know only to God.

In The Two Towers Sam and Frodo’s use of the phial helped them find their way in the dark and helped Sam seriously wound Shelob. But their journey was not finished, and they still had a long way to go. Likewise, Christ is the light that “shines in the darkness” which pushes it away so that the “darkness has not overcome it” but we still have a long journey and fight before us. But even amidst the death and darkness of our nation’s capital our Lord's glory and grace, like the Phial of Galadriel, is a light unto us when all other lights go out, so long as there are people are willing to carry that light into the dark places of the world.

From all of us here at The Everyman we wish you a very blessed Easter Sunday- Christus Resurrexit, Resurrexit Vere!

Or as J.R.R. Tolkien would've said,

Tengwar Rendering

Which is the Paschal greeting rendered in Tolkien's Elvish language Quenya and is pronounced "Ortanne Laivino, Anwa Ortanne Laivina!"

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